Caring for your home water heaters

Water heaters are among the most neglected piece of plumbing in every household. The humble water heater does not give away that easily, but when it does break down, it causes a lot of chaos in the house. What you had taken for granted suddenly seems very important in your daily life.

Water heaters undergo the most wear and tear compared to other appliances. Water heaters have a number of heating elements soaked in water for long hours, which leads to scaling and chalk deposits on the heating elements. This chemical settlement on the heating elements will lead to corrosion of the metals and also weakens the structure of the tanks as well.

The water that is supplied to your house is saturated with chemicals and other impurities. When the water hates up, these impurities separate and settle down at the bottom of the tank, which greatly reduces the efficiency.

The easiest way to overcome these containments is timely maintenance of the heaters. Simply removing the sediments every six months or so will add years to your heater. Additional maintenance works like replacing heating elements and anodes will only improve your heater efficiency.

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