Using water heaters to save money

Water heater is one of the largest consumers of electricity in a domestic setting. Judicious use of water heaters can significantly reduce your electricity consumption, which translates into reduced electricity bills. Here are a few tried and tested ways to get the best out of your water heaters, without spending a lot-

  • Installing low flow showerheads is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of water consumed during showers. These easy to operate contraptions significantly reduce the water flowing through the showerhead, thus reducing water wastage via run off. Better yet, you can switch to taking baths instead of showers as well.
  • Using warm water only when necessity calls for is a good way to keep the water heaters for over working. Cool water works well when washing your hands.
  • Maintain your plumbing and fix any leaks as soon as possible. Water leakage, especially from the water heater will result in a constant flow of cool water into the heating tank, which result in an increased consumption of power to heat the water.
  • Consider upgrading. Water heater technology changes every few years, with efficient models flooding the markets with each upgrade. Replacing your existing water heater with a newer, energy efficient model will surely reduce heating costs.

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Tips to identify problems with your air conditioner

Bahrain is quite a hot country with high levels of humidity on a regular basis. Thus, you need proper air conditioner to get through the hot afternoons. Identifying any problems with your air conditioner unit will help you to get it fixed before it requires expensive and time consuming repairs. Here are a few pointer to help you determine if your air conditioner is having problems-

  1. High bills: Higher electricity bills means the equipment is using a lot more elergy in order to complete its tasks. There may be any reasons for this- a faulty cooling element, blocked ducts, etc. If you notice any unnatural spike in your bills it is time to get your AC serviced/ checked.
  2. Noises: Noises in any appliance is a cause of concern. Modern Air conditioners are extremely noiseless, and if you hear any rattling or hum, you can be sure that there is something wrong with the equipment and you should get it checked immediately.
  3. Lack of cooling: A disruptive airflow or lack of cooling can indicate a blockage in the system. If the air is warmer than usual, your coolant might have to be topped up.

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Caring for your home water heaters

Water heaters are among the most neglected piece of plumbing in every household. The humble water heater does not give away that easily, but when it does break down, it causes a lot of chaos in the house. What you had taken for granted suddenly seems very important in your daily life.

Water heaters undergo the most wear and tear compared to other appliances. Water heaters have a number of heating elements soaked in water for long hours, which leads to scaling and chalk deposits on the heating elements. This chemical settlement on the heating elements will lead to corrosion of the metals and also weakens the structure of the tanks as well.

The water that is supplied to your house is saturated with chemicals and other impurities. When the water hates up, these impurities separate and settle down at the bottom of the tank, which greatly reduces the efficiency.

The easiest way to overcome these containments is timely maintenance of the heaters. Simply removing the sediments every six months or so will add years to your heater. Additional maintenance works like replacing heating elements and anodes will only improve your heater efficiency.

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