Essential air conditioner maintenance

Keeping your air conditioner units well maintained will not only ensure that your homes will always have a supply of fresh, well-conditioned air, but will keep your air conditioner working at optimal levels, thus reducing your electricity bill as well. A thorough check of your entire air conditioner/ HVAC system isn’t as complex as most people make it out to be. You can do basic checks on the systems and recognizing disparities will allow you to call professional maintenance to correct the faults as early as possible.

  • Turn off your AC unit. This will ensure that the unit is idle, and no electricity is passing through the system. You might have to turn off the power at the breaker box to prevent any unsavory incidents.
  • Remove debris from the fan cage, condenser/ compressor with a vacuum cleaner or manually.
  • Clean the fins with a strong blast dry, or with a duster. This will remove any dirt and grime stuck to the fins. Most manufacturers offer clear steps on the dos and don’ts of this step in their user manuals.
  • With the build-up of grime within the fins can render these tiny crevices disfigured. However, they are made of metal, and can be bent back into their original shape with little effort.
  • Clean the surrounding area of the air conditioner, and check the evaporator drain for any plugs.

Now your AC is relatively clean, and is ready to be used again. At NSA Kaiksow, we deal in a variety of high quality domestic air conditioners in Bahrain. For more information about our services, do visit our website at