Nowadays water heaters are very much something like a necessity. They are available for all strata of the society and are needed always, especially during the harsh wintry times.  And nowadays, water heaters are available in a variety of types and sizes. There can be many kinds of environment-friendly water heaters, there can be many tank less water heaters, and there can be certain portable water heaters too.

In this article, we will discuss the various advantages of modern water heaters in a brief list of points:-

  • Because, duh, water heaters necessary for warm more ware! Nobody likes cold water on a chilly morning just before heading off to work.
  • These water heaters now have adjustable temperature control and state of art coil technology. So you needn’t worry about getting the piping hot water of your choice, whether you like mild or boiling! Just press the button and within minutes you will get the water of your choice.
  • Many of these recent water heaters are environmentally safe and actually help to conserve water and avoid any extra accidental spillage or wastage.
  • Water heaters can be used to purify water by using the heating capacity.
  • There are many portable heaters available which can be carried everywhere and thus can be used even in the most desolate of places.
  • Water heaters are also needed for many industrial and domestic purposes and can be used in a variety of work processes like filtration and preparation of various products.
  • Water heaters used to produce hot water which is used as temperature control in many regulatory systems.
  • Water heaters nowadays are energy conserving and help to reduce usage of electricity so that you can save more money and also save power.
  • Water heaters nowadays also have many other multi-tasking capabilities that will help in purifying and clearing out the water, thus making it more viable for washing and bathing.
  • Water heaters are nowadays very affordable and can be bought quite cheaply without putting a big strain on your wallet. Gone are the days when water heaters would be worth big bucks!

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Tankless water heater- the future of water heating

Access to hot water is a comfort that has gone from being a luxury to a basic need. It doesn’t matter if the weather outside is freezing cold or scorching hot, you will always have hot water running through your pipes, thanks to domestic water heaters. However, water heaters are known for being notoriously power hungry. Older heaters consume up to twice as much as modern water heaters! The advancement in water heater technology has seen a significant shift in people’s attitude towards water heaters. One such technical marvel in the field of water heaters is the advent of tankless water heaters. Here are a few reasons why you need to invest in a god tankless water heater.

Save money

Although tankless water heaters have high initial costs, they more than make up for it by being energy efficient. They do not consume as much energy as a water heater with a tank, as it does not waste time and energy in heating up water before hand. Instead, the water is heated up as and when you want it. When you turn on the knob, cold water from the tank flows through the pipes, before encountering the heating element, which heats the water in small batches, thus giving you access to hot water without having to wait. This reduces the amount of electricity consumed in heating the water greatly.

Space constraints do not matter

One of the biggest peeves of installing a tank water heater is having to install a water tank to collect and store hot water. This can be cumbersome in a small bathroom. Besides, these water tanks have a tendency to disintegrate over time, leading to heat loss, leaks and other problems. With tankless water heaters such problems are minimized to a great extent, since you don’t have to deal with a water tank.


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